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05 November 2015 / / Media
Video of my talk “your data, our society” given at #sngular810, the S|ngular presentation event celebrated in Madrid in Oct. 2015. In my talk I show the uses of bigdata at different scales of resolution to understand our society.
24 September 2015 / / Media
Video of my talk “Nowcasting. Sociedades para nuevas formas de organización” in the conference “Tecnología e Innovación para el Desarrollo” at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.
07 May 2015 / / Publications
Authors:Alejandro Llorente, Manuel García-Herránz, Manuel Cebrián and Esteban Moro Journal: PLoS ONE 10(5): e0128692 (2014) LINK Summary: Publicly available social media data can be used to quantify deviations from typical patterns of behavior and uncover how these deviations signal the socio-economical status of regions. Using data from geolocalized Twitter messages, we find that unemployment is correlated with technology adoption, daily activity, diversity in mobility patterns and correctness in communication style.