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13 October 2015 / / Publications
Authors:Talayeh Aledavood , Eduardo López, Sam G. B. Roberts, Felix Reed-Tsochas, Esteban Moro, Robin I. M. Dunbar, Jari Saramäki Journal: PLoS ONE 10(9), e0138098 (2015) LINK Abstract: Circadian rhythms are known to be important drivers of human activity and the recent availability of electronic records of human behaviour has provided fine-grained data of temporal patterns of activity on a large scale. Further, questionnaire studies have identified important individual differences in circadian rhythms, with people broadly categorised into morning-like or evening-like individuals.
07 May 2015 / / Publications
Authors:Jari Saramaki, Esteban Moro Journal: Eur. Phys. J. B (2015) 88: 164 LINK | **arXiv Abstract: Big Data on electronic records of social interactions allow approaching human behaviour and sociality from a quantitative point of view with unforeseen statistical power. Mobile telephone Call Detail Records (CDRs), automatically collected by telecom operators for billing purposes, have proven especially fruitful for understanding one-to-one communication patterns as well as the dynamics of social networks that are reflected in such patterns.