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25 March 2013 / / Science
To me, the main question when modeling a process in the social sciences is "when does emulation count as explanation?" — John Myles White (@johnmyleswhite) March 25, 2013 Interesting question. I guess the problem is that sometimes in science a model does not pretend to make any prediction, neither is supported by any relevant data. It simply emulates reality.
11 December 2008 / / Science
Science is the only news. When you scan through a newspaper or magazine, all the human interest stuff is the same old he-said-she-said, the politics and economics the same sorry cyclic dramas, the fashions a pathetic illusion of newness, and even the technology is predictable if you know the science. Human nature doesn’t change much; science does, and the change accrues, altering the world irreversibly.  A famous quote by Stewart Brand, that appear in John Brockman’s essay (and book) The Third Culture