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Percentages and absolute numbers 0

Percentages and absolute numbers

Percentage of active users in the Internet 2.0 is tiny. Fractions go from only 1% of Wikipedia’s users contribute to making it better only 0.1% of users upload their own videos to Youtube only 3% of people with weblogs post on a daily basis only 1% of Amazon.com customers contribute with reviews The numbers are tiny. But not uncommon. Typical return rates...

Why I didn’t answer your email 0

Why I didn’t answer your email

In a recent Nature article, Albert-Lászlo Barabási and João Gama Oliveira, have found the perfect excuse for lazy people not answering some emails in their inbox: they analyzed the time response of emails and found that they follow a power law probability distribution of the form P(t) = t-1. In particular this implies that not even the mean response time is finite. Hey! why should...