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Searching for someone

From the “Small World Experiment” to the “Red Balloon Challenge,” and beyond We live in a small world, right? But the cost and fragility of navigating it could harm any potential strategy to leverage the power of social networks. Read this fascinating story of the research, experiments, and failures in the quest for using social networks to search information/people:

Temporal network of information diffusion in Twitter 12

Temporal network of information diffusion in Twitter

Millions of tweets, retweets and mentions are exchanged in Twitter everyday about very different subjects, events, opinions, etc. While aggregating this data over a time window might help to understand some properties of those processes in online social networks, the speed of information diffusion around particular time-bound events requires a temporal analysis of them. To show that (and with the...


Agent-specific impact of single trades in financial markets

Alex Bladon, Esteban Moro y Tobias Galla Physical Review E 85, 036103 (2012)  [pdf | link] Abstract We present an analysis of the price impact associated with single trades effected by different financial firms. Using data from the Spanish Stock Market, we find a high degree of heterogeneity across different market members, both in the instantaneous impact functions and in the...

Complex Dynamics of Human Interactions, September 14th 2011 0

Complex Dynamics of Human Interactions, September 14th 2011

We (together with Kimmo Kaski, Aalto University) are organizing the ECCS’11 Satellite conference “Complex Dynamics of Human Interactions” to be held at Vienna, September 14th. You can find more info at http://www.complexdynamics.org “It’s not enough to have a map of the structure. It is crucial to understand the dynamics of a process”, L. Barábasi Scope The nature of human interaction...


Affinity Paths and information diffusion in social networks

José Luis Iribarren and Esteban Moro Social Networks 33, 134-142 (2011)  [pdf] Abstract Widespread interest in the diffusion of information through social networks has produced a large number of Social Dynamics models. A majority of them use theoretical hypothesis to explain their diffusion mechanisms while the few empirically based ones average out their measures over many messages of different contents....

Relationship mining 0

Relationship mining

Each day trillions of emails, phone calls, comments on blogs, twitter messages, exchanges in online social networks, etc. are done. Not only the number of communications has increased, but also each of these transactions leaves a digital trace that can be recorded to reconstruct our high-frequency human activity. It is not only the amount and variety of data that is...