Social Urban Networks at NetSI (Northeastern)

I am thrilled to announce that I will be joining the Network Science Institute at Northeastern University as a Professor starting January 2024! As a researcher in Social Urban Networks (SUN) it is a dream come true.

My group will focus on developing computational social science tools to address urban challenges, from climate change, inequality to health and economic development. By using large datasets of human behavior, tools and ideas from physics, applied mathematics, complex systems or network science, and collaborations with industry, government, and local communities, we seek not only to advance the understanding of the temporal dynamics of social systems to unprecedented levels but also to transform our findings into tools and policies to help achieve resilient and equitable adaptation of our societies.

I am recruiting graduate students and postdocs to join my SUN group. We offer fully-funded PhD and postdoc positions and we are seeking highly motivated researchers to explore the following subjects:

If you are interested, contact me at to get more information about those positions.


Esteban Moro

Professor at Northeastern University. Working on Complex Systems, Social Networks and Urban Science.