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Dynamical strength of social ties in information spreading

Authors: Giovanna Miritello, Esteban Moro y Rubén Lara
Journal: Physical Review E (Rapid Comm) 83, 045102 (2011). LINK | arXiv

Abstract: We investigate the temporal patterns of human communication and its influence on the spreading of information in social networks. The analysis of mobile phone calls of 20 million people in one country shows that human communication is bursty and happens in group conversations. These features have opposite effects in information reach: while bursts hinder propagation at large scales, conversations favor local rapid cascades. To explain these phenomena we define the dynamical strength of social ties, a quantity that encompasses both the topological and temporal patterns of human communication.


Esteban Moro

Professor at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and MIT Medialab. Working on Complex Systems, Social Networks and Urban Science.