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Twitter Session Analytics: Profiling Users’ Short-Term Behavioral Changes

Farshad Kooti, Esteban Moro, and Kristina Lerman Proceedings of SocInfo 2016 [LINK] [PDF] Summary: Human behavior shows strong daily, weekly, and monthly patterns. In this work, we demonstrate online behavioral changes that occur on a much smaller time scale: minutes, rather than days or weeks. Specifically, we study how people distribute their effort over different tasks during periods of activity on the...

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“Big Data”: La nueva materia prima

Article in El País (in spanish) about the recent one day workshop on the public-private partnerships to exploit the power of big data in our society. Organized by El País, Vodafone Institute and DataPopAlliance. Here is the online version:


Rapid assessment of disaster damage using social media activity

Yury Kryvasheyeu1, Haohui Chen, Nick Obradovich, Esteban Moro, Pascal Van Hentenryck, James Fowler and Manuel Cebrian, Science Advances  11 Mar 2016: Vol. 2, no. 3, e1500779 [LINK] Summary: Could social media data aid in disaster response and damage assessment? Countries face both an increasing frequency and an increasing intensity of natural disasters resulting from climate change. During such events, citizens turn to...


Searching for someone

From the “Small World Experiment” to the “Red Balloon Challenge,” and beyond We live in a small world, right? But the cost and fragility of navigating it could harm any potential strategy to leverage the power of social networks. Read this fascinating story of the research, experiments, and failures in the quest for using social networks to search information/people:


Interview in “El Mundo” newspaper

El Mundo “Papel” Magazine published an interview with me about the uses (and abuses) of big data in research/industry. The headline is a little bit controversial, but I talk about many other things like the use of BigData in development, administrations, health and politics. Here is the link