2015 Pictures

  • CA4jqmkWQAAnJr5.jpg-large
    Giving a talk at Espacio Fundación Telefónica http://espacio.fundaciontelefonica.com/2015/03/03/big-bang-data-big-data-una-mirada-global/
  • CDS7I1KWMAE56fu.jpg-large
    Room full packed at Databeers Madrid
    Talking about data and development at UPM
  • 12186370_10206995413777617_4092742577857030673_o
    In November 2015 I had the opportunity to talk about social networks and relationships at Google Campus. Invited by the great team of Graphext (here with Victoriano Izquierdo)
  • 22871447196_f73bc299f0_o
    I talked at "Love Bubbles" a Graphext conversation about social networks, relationships and dating apps
  • IMG_3785 2
    Group of speakers at databeers with our t-shirt cellebrating one year of talks at databeers madrid
  • IMG_3334 1
    This year we have had a collaboration with Twitter. Here we are after presenting our results to the media
  • 17548468222_254d62fc88_o
  • 17548468222_254d62fc88_o
    My university gave me the "Excellence in Research" award for the second time. So proud!
  • TEDx
  • TEDx
    My First TEDx talk at LaLatina, Madrid

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