2013 pictures

  • 8726280910_dc038c2486_o
    Receiving the 2013 award of research excellence from the President of our University
  • 10690970036_570cea21b0_o
    Nice picture with Alejandro Llorente and Marcelo Soria. Waiting to talk at Barcelona Media
  • BMBt1pfCUAAbwoa.jpg-large
    Given one (of the 3) talks at NetSci'13 in Copenhaguen
  • DSC_0868
    Presenting our work about the "Limits of social mobilization" in Barcelona Media
  • IMG_2878
    Presenting Giovanna's PhD thesis (published in Springer) at Telefonica I+D Boecillo (Valladolid)
  • IMG_3289
    My first Ignite Talk! Given at Netsci about our work on social sensors
  • IMG_3320
    Talking about the uses of Social Media to the Gertech Club in Madrid
  • IMG_4029
    Alejandro Llorente presenting our work on Consumer predictability at ECCS13 (Barcelona)
  • IMG_4270
    Part of the Jury at the HackingBullipedia contest in Barcelona

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