Are you a social keeper or a social explorer?

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  1. Pac says:

    Hi Esteban,

    I haven’t read the article yet, but the post made me think about that, wouldn’t it be interesting to see the evolution over a longer period? I’ve think of some questions that could be solved with this kind of analysis:

    – Do we become more social keepers as we age? Looking at my facebook account as well as some others, i got the intuition that in high school, university , even early career we are all social explorers but as we age we become more social keepers.

    – May be we change networks and we become less social explorers in our personal network and move our social capacity to our professional network?

    – How can social technologies could help us to focus our social capacity to the networks we are interested in. for example: Finding a job, Looking for our couple, Similar interests , etc…

    A really interesting topic. Thanks for your work! and congratulations.

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