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The marketing of breaking laws of physics

Apparently, a company in Ireland named Steorn has found the killer marketing campaign for their products:

  1. Get a law of physics: the first law of thermodynamics, for example, and claim you have a technology that can break it. Cool!
  2. Get a good flashy marketing campaign by publishing in The Economist a "show us wrong" announcement to the scientific community. 
  3. Hide the details of your technology and delay its public announcement by creating a "challenge" to the scientific community.

This is it!. Nothing more than that and you get talked about in blogs, newspapers, etc. However, this seems to be just another case of cold fusion. Just reading their “about our products” web page shows how incredible (and irreal) their technology is: not only they promise that energy is totally conserved and not degradated in heat (100% performance of their technology) but… they create energy out of the blue!!! Yes, you read it right, they get more than 100% performance! Dude, that is impressive. I hope they will start selling laptop batteries with their technology so they can recharged themselves forever.



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